United Aeroclub Of Nigeria

National Executive Director

Solomon Kolawole Adio

Email: skadio@msn.com

Contact Numbers: 08065613659 / 08052050343

Outreach Program 

About United Aero Club of Nigeria

United Aero Club of Nigeria (UACN) was established in 2011 as a non-profit organization under Corporate Affairs Commission of Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration # CAC/IT/No 46433. The Club offers opportunities for students to take leadership roles and become involved in their community.  The club will be dedicated to the promotion of model aviation as a recognized sport as well as a recreational activity.  The Club will also provide educational, social, and experiences that enrich the students’ lives. 

The national Headquarters is located at Obafemi Awolowo University, P.M.B. 036, Utility Blk L. Ile –Ife, Osun State and shall serve as the operational headquarters to coordinate and manage all the activities and affairs of UACN in Nigeria. 

Mission and Objective

1. To cherish, uphold and project the honor and dignity of Nigerian Aviation Industry.

2. To serve as an umbrella organization to advance aviation safety in Nigeria.

3. To promote and support the interest of General Aviation and other aviation related activities in Nigeria.

4.  To develop and promote desirable and usable standardization for the regulation and guidance of general aviation

5. To preserve the organization as a non-partisan and non-religious organization

6. To ensure the advancement and protection of aviation training institutions in Nigeria

7. To engage in activities that includes national and international competitions to develop members’ skills and promote aviation awareness in our communities.

8. To establish a presence in different states of Nigeria that would facilitate successful home-based aviation activities and programs

        Membership Package

Price: N 5,000 which includes:

(1) Club Polo Shirt

(2)Membership Identity card

(3) Copy of the Club Constitution/Bylaws.

· Payment in Dues – Student dues is calculated at a percentage discount of adults’ yearly dues.

o   Student’s dues options:

100% of Adults’ yearly dues: (N4,000.00) per term only.

75% of Adults’ yearly dues: (N3,000.00) per term only

50% of Adults’ yearly dues:(N2,000.00) per term only.

25% of Adults’ yearly dues. (N1,000.00) per term only.

Aeroclub Activities

A.   Classroom and Laboratory Works

Aviation education is that branch of general education concerned with communicating knowledge, skills, and attitudes about aviation and its impact upon society. It may be integrated as part of school and college curricular.

The advent of aviation education has contributed immensely to the technological advancement of the industrialized nations. Africa is the next frontier. It will be exciting to plant the seed of aviators from the state’s existing Secondary Schools and technical colleges. 

Aviation needs a foundation that can be actualized through knowledge and training in science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) curriculum.

United Aero Club of Nigeria will implement Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program using aviation technology at your school as part of our club activities to students from JSS1 to SS3.

Often educators who teach about aviation and space education are challenged by administrators, other teachers and parents who question the validity of such study. The following list indicates just some of the specific ways this topic interrelates with traditional studies.

How they are built is INDUSTRIAL ARTS

Where they fly is GEOGRAPHY

Who controls them is GOVERNMENT

B.   Airplane Flight Simulator & Computer Based Training

A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and various aspects of the flight environment. This includes the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of their controls and other aircraft systems, and how they react to external environmental factors such as air density, turbulence, cloud, precipitation, etc. The Flight Simulator will be installed on School Campus for easy access to Club Members.

Our aviation club in collaboration with our foreign partners has developed a comprehensive aviation training programs using STEM curriculum to prepare our students to develop interest in science and technology.The use of Flight Simulator will help our students to learn about:

  • the basics of flight through practical application.
  •  lift, drag, weight, thrust and stability
  • potential versus kinetic energy
  • momentum, stability, and center of gravity
  •  pitch, yaw, and roll
  • forces and torque as well as power to weight ratio
  •  flight simulation
  • To build a flyable aircraft
  • Then they will be set to dream, build and FLY the aircraft!


The Young Eagles Team (YET)

The Young Eagles Team shall mentor and introduce young people into the field of aviation using Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program from Primary to secondary schools’ level. Administer UACN’s Youth Scholarship programs. Coordinate academic and internship programs

Model Aeronautics Team (MAT)

This Model Aeronautics Team of aero modeler builders and flyers shall be involved in building and flying of radio controlled miniature or scaled aircraft for recreation and experiment. Perform at both local and international competitions. 

Our club members will participate in outdoor activities of building and learning to fly remote controlled and Drone aircraft (owned by the Chapter Club). There will be interstate competitions among various chapters throughout the federation. The national winners will also partake in international competitions.

D. Field Trips

The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to visit an airport and actually have a real life interaction with airport employees, airline activities etc.The general objectives of the field trip are:

  •   It can provide students with experiences that cannot be duplicated in the school but is nonetheless an integral part of the general knowledge which is worthwhile for the students.
  •   It can enable Instructors to expand students' learning beyond the walls of classroom into the vast community outside.


United Aero Club has set up mentoring programs for the students. Every student member in our club will be assigned an adult mentor from participating industry experts.
These mentors will come from many areas to include existing pilots and Aircraft maintenance Engineers from participating Airlines, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority personnel officers, Flying Club members, Universities and International College of Aeronautics. This is a key element that United Aero Club have in place that further nurtures that excitement of flight and encourages participation in the many facets of our Aviation community.


United Aero Club of Nigeria is looking forward for a vibrant educational collaboration with your Institution.  We are glad that you will chose to open a chapter of our national aviation club in your School. The benefits and privileges are outlined in the National Constitution of United Aero Club of Nigeria. We are on a mission to bring the voice of people to the attention of our government and at the same time contribute to the manufacturing and industrial development of greater Nigeria. Thank you for your attention.

For more Information, contact

United Aero Club of Nigeria

Obafemi Awolowo University

Ile-Ife. State of Osun. Nigeria