Fundraising for Aircraft Project

Our ICA students at Zenith Aircraft  Factory learning to construct a flyable CH-750 airplane.They will complete building the aircraft and test fly it, and get it certified before shipping it to Nigeria.  This is an historic project and is a great experience in the Nigerian Community. 

:Our goal is to raise money that will support African students to pursue careers in the field of aviation. Our motive is to provide entrepreneurship opportunities by teaching them the technology of building and flying like-sports aircraft. So far, we are building the airframe and we have an engine which was donated by Professor Okosun. Here's the link to the full story:

Professor Okusun (left) with Solomon Adio ( far right)

We still need your financial and/or in-kind help to complete the CH-750 airplane kit. To make donations, please visit our GoFundMe page in the link below.

.  Engine instruments
.  Flight Instruments
.  Airworthiness certification costs

.  Painting

                                                Thank you to our Donors 


1. Anthony Ayeni

2. Adebayo Adio

3. Kola & Tayo Thomas

4. Otunba Oladapo Odunlami

5. Captain Ade Shogbonyo

6. OluwaTobe Thomas

7. Billy Adio

8. Kayode Adegbite

9. Egbosa Igbinosa

10. Kamat Ibrahim Idris

11. Solomon Kalejaiye

12. Alhaji Rasak Ibitoye

13. Alhaji Fatai Winjobi

14. Alhaji Tunde Kazeem

15. Dr. Desmond Amiegbebhor

16. Mrs. Dupe A. Ajibowo

17. Prince Adekunle Ademiluyi 

18. Abiodun O. & Toyin Y. Akinola

19. Egbe Omo Adudwa of Greater 

20. Biliques Akinola

21. Dr. Suleiman B. Akinola

22. Bashiru B.Ojibara

23. Zainab Oyebamiji

24. Muskinni O & Adenike M. Busari - Salau 


1. Joyce Lewis

2. Hon. Commisioner Hakeem Fahm

3. Captain Phil Ajayi

4. R. A. Adegboye

Silver Donors

1. Professor T.Y Okosun 

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Completion of the Tail and Horizontal Stabilizer assembly of the Zenith CH-750 aircraft

Members of Egbe Omo Yoruba of Columbia, Missouri visiting ICA students at Zenith Aircraft Company.

Fuselage assembly currently in progress